Natural hair hairstyles do not have to be difficult or monotonous….. For many going all natural could be a little scary especially when you are clueless about how to style and manage your natural hair.  But it shouldn’t be so! With more and more women embracing their natural curls, Finding easy and beautiful natural hair hairstyles are limitless. There are great ways you can flaunt your natural. Among many natural hair hairstyles, we have rounded …

12 Easy Natural Hair Hairstyles With Videos

Natural hair hairstyles do not have to be difficult or monotonous….. For many going all natural could be a little scary especially when you are clueless about how to style and manage your natural hair.  But it shouldn’t be so!

With more and more women embracing their natural curls, Finding easy and beautiful natural hair hairstyles are limitless. There are great ways you can flaunt your natural.

Among many natural hair hairstyles, we have rounded up these 12 trendy looking styles. Also, we have included videos to show you step-by-step how to achieve these great looks.

#1 Three Strand Twist Out

If you want more curl pattern and twist out volume, 3 strand twist is the best way to go.

Three Strand Twist Out (Video)

Products and How to….

To make this look; if you are working with dry hair, start by spraying in little water into your  hair just to add some moisture.
To seal in moisture – Bria Larine applied Even Butter Moisture Retention By Genesis

For easy detangling and hair manageability she used  Hydrating Leave-in conditioner by fortify ‘d natural

The good thing about  this Hydrating leave-in conditioner is that it is light weight so won’t weigh down your hair.

Styling Intense Hydration potion by fortify ‘d natural adds extra moisture and makes your curls more define.

#2 Bantu Knot Out

Bantu Knot out

Bantu knots out is another perfect way to always look trendy and terrific!

How To Get Perfect Bantu Knot Out Results On Dry Natural Hair (Video)

Products and How to….

  1. Retro Hair Stimulating shampoo
  2. Uniq one All in one Hair treatment for detangling also protects from heat
  3. F450 one pass provides extra protection against heat
  4. Olive oil Smooth -n-Hold pudding

To get a perfect bantu knot out; smooth ends is important. Using brush when blow drying will help smoothen out all the curls and remove any tangle.

Also, don’t use too much product when styling.  Applying too much product might make your hair revert to its natural curly pattern and you don’t want that. Natural curly pattern is going to change the entire style. When you are twisting make sure your hair is perfectly smooth no knots or tangles.

# 3 Heatless Bubble Wrap Curls

Do you think bubble wrap is only for wrapping packages? If your answer is Yes!  You are totally  wrong. Apparently you can transform bubble wrap into creative hair rollers. With few rolls of bubble wrap you can get a beautiful heatless curls.

No Heat Bubble Wrap Curls In 4b/c Natural Hair (Video)

Products and How to….

Apply African pride shea butter bouncy curls pudding-to curl and detangle hair. Roll your hair with a cut out bubble wrap pre-wrapped. Hold it in place with a bobby pin.

The secret to beautiful curls is to make your sections smaller. That way you can fit in many bubble wraps. To keep your curls in a humid weather; hold it up in a  pineapple style.

# 4 Twisted Updo

During a high temperature and when heat styling is probably not the best option, updos for natural hair comes in handy.

The 10 Minute Twisted Updo/Natural Hairstyle (Video)

Products and How to…

  1. Black vanilla Hair sheen to make the hair more manageable and easier to braid.
  2. Eco Styler professioner Styling gel to smoothen down the edges

# 5 Natural Hair Updo

It is no longer new that more and more celebs are proudly wearing their natural hair on red carpet. Many walk the red carpet in simple and interesting natural hair hairstyles looking elegant and stylish.

Red Carpet-Ready Natural hair Updo Inspired by Teyonah Parris (Video)

Products and How to…

  1. Exotique Butter creme hydrator moisturizer
  2. On the edge Creme De La mold to make the edge really smooth and sleek
  3. Use a bristle brush to smoothen the edges

#6 Fabulous Bun

Quick Natural hair bun does not have to be boring! There are practical and creative ways you can spice up your bun.

Quick Bun on Natural Hair (Video)

Products and How to….

Spray water all around your hair to add some moisture. Continue with Tropical olive Jamaican castor oil.  Massage the oil all through your hair to make sure your hair is not dry before you apply hair gel.

Hicks Edges gel will help strengthen your hair while keeping every strand in place. It also adds a healthy shine to your mane while softening it.

# 7 Flat Twist

If you are tired of wearing your hair in curls, braids, or simply fluffy try flat twist. Two strand twists is an easy twist hairstyles for all natural hair. The important thing about flat twist is that it is versatile, faster, and easier to make.

Flat Twist Hairstyles on Natural Hair (Video)

Products and How to….

  1. Pro Style Clear Ice ultra hold Protein styling gel
  2. Hair moisturizer organics Hair Mayonnaise

She started by parting her hair into two from ear to ear. The front section she parted into three and flat twist. Then 2 strand twist the remaining hair.

# 8 Roll, Tuck & Pin Updo

Roll, Tuck, and pin is your go-to hairstyle on a day that you are in a rush, avoiding a bad hair day, or simply looking for a great natural hairstyle that is quick, easy, and at the same time able to protect your ends.

Twisted Pompadour/Roll, Tuck $ pin updo on Natural Hair (Video)

Products and How to…..

The first thing is to create a semi-circle part in front of your hair. You want to make the front section nice and thick especially if you have thin hair so you can have a thick pompadour at the front. Add some gel to the edges to hold them in place.

# 9 French Braided Bun Updo

Looking for a simple hairstyle upgrade? This fabulous french braided bun updo is definitely something to try.

Fab French Braided Bun updo on Natural Hair

Products and How to….

Blow dry hair first just to make it sleeker and easier to work with. The hair was parted into two from ear to ear. The back section was french braids coming front.

To create a much fuller buns in front, she added a pack of regular braiding hair secured with bobby pins.

#10 Pineapple Updo

When you are on the go a quick and simple pineapple updo saves you time and preserves your curls. Pineapple updo is a great way to keep your curls looking great either at night or during a humid day.

Pineapple Updo on Kinky Natural Hair

Products and How to….

Start with a clean hair leaving some leave-in conditioner in the hair.  Apply Evoo $Moringa Heat protecting mousse and styling spray by nubian Heritage before blow drying. Ion Blow dry creme serum was added just to provide extra protection before curling.

#11 Finger Coiling

I must confess, finger coils could be time consuming, but it is worth all the time as it takes your hair from curls to great coils. The great thing about finger coils is that you can do it on any hair length and texture and it will last you at lest two weeks.

Perfect Ultra Defined Curls W/Zero Frizz! Finger Coiling Tutorial

Products and How to….

Start by sectioning hair into four.  Spray hair with water.  The purpose for the water is not to get your hair really soaked but just to get it a little wet. Brush through it, apply olive oil styler, miss Jessies Coily Custard and  Eco Styler Gel.

After applying your products begin taking just a tiny part of your hair, twist and release. Continue this process until you have worked through your entire hair.  The smaller your sections are, the better your result

#12 Natural Updo

Natural Updo (4C Hair) ||Protective Styling ||1950’s Inspired

Products and How to…

Apply Coconut water by Oganics as a base moisture. Coconut oil carol’s daughter black vanilla hair oil.  Natural updo is a great way to retain moisture because all your hair ends are tucked in.

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The good thing about black finger waves hairstyles is that they do not have to always be formal. A finger wave updo style with draping curls to the side has a feel and look of informal to it. It is also a good thing  that black finger wave hairstyles are not typical for short hair. Whether you are looking for Finger wave hairstyles for long black hair, Finger wave hairstyles for medium length blac...

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